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How do you pray when you feel blahhh???

by Apr 28, 20200 comments

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How do you pray when you feel blahhhh???

You know that feeling.  You just feel blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

When you feel blah, it’s so hard to focus and you easily find yourself daydreaming, and before you know it,  the time you set aside to pray is now gone!

I sat down with the intention of spending some time with God but now I’m walking away thinking “what did I accomplish?”

Too many times this has happened to me.  I wanted to change my prayer time, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. Of course, I don’t want to be hard on myself, as anytime praying is always good.  Every little effort is good!

There are days I wake up and I’m ready to pray and read my bible.  There are also days that I have to drag myself out of bed and go spend time reading my bible and praying.  On those days, that is when I usually feel blahhhh.

What I started doing next has helped me push through these times of feeling blah!

I started to use scriptures as part of my prayer time.

To find scriptures, I decided to use the Lord’s Prayer as a guide.  The first verse in the Lord’s prayer says  “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,” Matthew6:9.  Jesus was showing us how to pray here and He started off by acknowledging how holy God’s name is.

I started searching scriptures that mentioned about how great and holy God is.

I use OneNote to store all my notes that I take, so I created a new notebook called Prayer and started adding all my scriptures there.

My first section was called the Greatness of God.

I found around 20 scriptures to start with.

Each morning, I would read all these scriptures out loud as my prayer.

On days that I felt blah, I would push through and read these scriptures.  At first, it felt mechanical, but as I started to focus on just how GREAT and AWESOME our God is, my prayer time started to come alive. My prayer time was not about me or how I felt, but about God.  My focus changed!

Before long, I started to highlight parts of the scriptures that really spoke to me.

Then I started to personalize each verse.

Now I have put all the verses together to form one prayer.

I start my prayer time with this is every morning no matter how I feel. There’s no better way to start your prayer time off than praising God and putting all our focus and attention on Him! Using Scriptures to express your heart is always a winner!

Getting to this step took months to get here.  It was a work in progress and it still is.  I continue to add to my list of scriptures.  Every season is different and so are my prayers!

I look forward to waking up each morning to go do my bible study and prayer.  I’m still human, so of course, there are days I do have to drag myself out of bed.

After praying this prayer, I will just sit and be quiet for a few minutes before jumping to my next section ” Give Thanks”.  I will cover what I do here in a future post!

Prayer Time Tips

1. Find a place that you can be alone! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Make a spot that every morning you can go to spend time with God.

  • A space dedicated to your quiet time with God. (A chair, a candle, a little lamp)
  • Bible, notepad & pen
  • Computer or Laptop – to google scriptures.

2. I play some worship music in the background.

Not too loud as you can easily get distracted by the song. I like the song called “Holy Ground” by Hillsong United on their People (Live) album.  I usually have this song on a loop.  The lyrics are simple and to the point!  They are “This is Holy, This is Holy ground. You are Holy, You are Holy God.  I wait upon You now. Let your presence fill me now, as I wait upon you now”.

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